An Introduction to: Vintique Custom Design & the History behind "The Artist Formally Known as Vintique Tables". 

It's a name changer & a game changer! 

So we changed our name, we dropped the "table" and added the "custom" & the "design". We did it. Officially. We changed our name. We had to. We got married, kind of, not really, (but you can imagine where this is going), to some awesome new product's, & had no choice, it was part of the prenup! 

All joking aside, the change was necessary, to stay relevant, so let me explain briefly how we came to be, beginning with what we once were.

Some of our original fans may remember us as: "Vintique Tables" and indeed we once were & we actually created and handcrafted tables. Coffee Tables to be exact. To elaborate further, Vintique Table's specialized in creating vintage inspired custom designed, handcrafted resin artwork, furniture, home decor & more. 

Each piece was methodically created using vintage and/or custom images, which were strategically placed, creating beautiful abstract collage collaboration's. They were then sealed using a high quality epoxy resin, creating a smooth glass like protective finish. They were beautiful.

You can still find some our original artwork available in our Resin Art & Home Decor Collection's! While we made some freakin' awesome artwork & tables, those sexy hairpin legs soon became shackles! Restrained, we had to break free!

Creatively restricted by the name "table", Vintique Table's evolved into so much more. We began to create Wall Accent's, Custom Artwork, Home Decor, Coaster's, and even Healing Metaphysical Crystal Infused Artwork. Resin Art was a new hobby, and we were on a roll, but it soon became blatantly obvious that the name "table" wasn't really working.

We had evolved, into so much more. Being an Artist and Graphic Designer the temptation of transferring our physical work into the graphic world of digital art and mixed media was too hard to resist. My ideas were endless, and the creative juices were flowing! The world was full of possibilities, and the word "table" had to go & Vintique Custom Design was born!

We truly are just artist at heart. 

We love art, we live art, we breathe art, we make art, & we sell art. The world is our muse, the creative process our fuel. We are constantly evolving, exploring, and discovering new art mediums, adding to our infinite collection. 

Our creativity can not be confined, and neither can we, and neither should you!

Our mission is to create unique pieces that celebrate and encourage the individual, the free spirit, the creative and independent thinker. We want to motivate people to be themselves, and to feel confident in doing so. 

We are proud to say we have come up with some of the most original & unique designs on the planet! We like to stand out, and you will too when you wear one of our designs! Be a star, be you!

You will absolutely fall in LOVE with our Women's Designer Fashion Dresses & Skirts, and Fashion Kimono's & Kimono Robes. Our Kimono's are versatile & come in two different styles! (These are perfect to wear as a beach cover-up ladies!). Be sure to check them out! 

We also have added some really cool Fashion Accessories to our collection. We have Designer Fashion Scarves, which are a must have for every Fashionista! Beautiful, vibrant, and silky, these are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles! Not to mention three different fabric options! We offer Fashion Totes & Bags & we can't forget to mention our Fashion Headband, Hair Accessories! 

Check out our Designer Fashion Legging's & Fitness Fashion Yoga Legging's. Plus our mix and match Athletic Performance Activewear Sets, Athletic Crop Top's, Shorts, and Mini Short Shorts! Add one of our Performance Fitness Tank Tops, to mix and match as you please! 

All of our work "product-inventory" is created using our own original artwork and designs. Some of them were even once tables, imagine that! We have teamed up with an awesome printing production team, that helps us to manufacture and distribute our designs onto a variety of products.

There you have it, the history behind Vintique Custom Design, and the freedom from our former restraints, the word "table". That's all folks, the history lesson is over. You get an A+ and a gold star, because I like you. :)

We hope you have fun exploring our shop & enjoy our creative madness, as much as we do!

 - Vintique Custom Design